Four Lane Presents: Castle in Corn

Corn Shield

Knights roam our Castle to aid you.

Dragons lurk amongst the corn.

A princess awaits desparately for you to rescue.

This is how our game was born.



The General Game

There is a Princess trapped in our Castle and guarded by our dragons. Your job is to find her and rescue her without getting caught by our dragons. If a dragon catches you, you must find a knight to release you before you can rescue the princess.

Knight Lane Further details to the game will be explained on site.

If you don't want to to play the game...enjoy a relaxing walk & search for characters or articles somewhere placed within the castle.

Book a Game at Castle in Corn and let the fun begin. To play the game you require the following:

- 10 friends or more to make teams
- Contact Castle in Corn so the game is ready for your group
- we suggest running shoes